125.000 KWD 125.0 KWD
117.000 KWD 117.0 KWD
110.000 KWD 110.0 KWD
97.000 KWD 97.0 KWD
95.000 KWD 65.000 KWD 65.0 KWD
94.000 KWD 94.0 KWD
90.000 KWD 55.000 KWD 55.0 KWD
85.000 KWD 50.000 KWD 50.0 KWD
82.000 KWD 58.000 KWD 58.0 KWD
Acebeam E70 Raibow TI 6500
Acebeam E70-Titanium flashlight is totally unique. The extremely luxurious titanium alloy material represents a symbol of identity and taste, which further amplifies the aesthetic of this high-performance pocket EDC flashlight
73.000 KWD 73.0 KWD
67.000 KWD 67.0 KWD
63.000 KWD 63.0 KWD
Wuben X1 White
Small and Powerful: The X1 flashlight offers an impressive max output of 12,000 lumens and a 994 ft beam distance, all in a compact size of 5.06 inches.
Stable Illumination: Enjoy 1.7 hours of constant current at 3000 lumens.
Active Cooling Fans: Built-in waterproof fans keep the X1 flashlight cool during use.
Fast Charging: Fully charge in just 2 hours using the USB Type C cable.
60.000 KWD 60.0 KWD
60.000 KWD 60.0 KWD
58.000 KWD 58.0 KWD
57.000 KWD 38.000 KWD 38.0 KWD
Acebeam E70-CU
Featuring stylish solid copper polished with a knurling finish makes E70-CU elegant and tastefully curated. This light makes a serious impression with a slim style and gorgeous copper that makes it just as fun to use as it is to show off. Shop these well-made, heirloom-quality premium everyday carry flashlights created by talented artisans
55.000 KWD 55.0 KWD
Acebeam E70-SS
Crafted by precision CNC from stainless steel, Pure and Clean Aesthetics is the essence of E70-SS! Safety is the most important for users, Double clicks ON UI design that is perfect to avoid accidental activation. The new Acebeam E70-SS is the perfect go-to EDC for a variety of users and applications. Also a perfect Everyday collector's choice!
55.000 KWD 55.0 KWD
54.000 KWD 54.0 KWD