Connect LOCKLIP Micro

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Locklip Micro
توصيل مفاتيحك مباشرة مع اي اداة اخرى مثل جهاز الاضاءة الصغير ، مفتاح السياره او الاداة متعددة الاستخدام الصغيره.
مشبك القفل مصنوع من الألمنيوم المستخدم في صناعة الطائرات مما ينتج عنه وزن يصل إلى 4.5 جرام فقط ، ومع ذلك فهو يتمتع بضغط تحمل مذهل يصل إلى 70 كجم! ( تم قياس قوة التحمل في المختبر)
مناسب لحمله في الاستخدام اليومي لربط أي شيء مع المفاتيح بكل سهوله بالاضافة للحفاظ على مفاتيحك بكل أمان

الأبعاد: الطول: 34 مم العرض: 10 مم العمق: 10 مم

الوزن: 4.5 جرام

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Attach this small but strong locking clip to your keys, or use it to connect just about any two things together! This compact, stylish locking clip with spring release system weighs only 4.5g but has up to 70kg breaking strain (laboratory tested!)

Material: Machined aircraft grade anodised aluminium

Length: 34mm

Width: 10mm

Height: 10mm

Weight: 4.5g


Locklip® Micro can directly attach to your keys or connect to just about anything else. This locking clip has been manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium resulting in a weight of only 4.5 grams, yet it has an incredible breaking strain of up to 70kg! (Laboratory tested)

With a length of 34mm and width of 10mm, the Locklip® Micro is a smaller version of the Locklip Swivel. This stylish locking clip with spring release system is the perfect addition to your everyday carry arsenal to link, join, hold, fasten or attach anything, ideal for keys, penknives, tools etc.

The connect range has been designed to streamline your everyday routine. From organising your keys with style to keeping your essentials secure and the smallest locking clip in the world achieves this perfectly

Dimensions: Length: 34mm Width: 10mm Depth: 10mm

Weight: 4.5g

Material: Aircraft grade aluminium


  • Attach direct to your keys
  • Locking clip with sprung release system
  • 70kg / 154lbs breaking strain
  • Machined aircraft grade anodised aluminium