Korean Portable Non-Stick Charcoal BBQ Grill


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Name: BBQ grill plate Specifications: Shape: Rectangles Materiel: Aluminum (5 layers thick Maifan stone non-stick coating)Color: Backside: 32.5*26*4cm

-The extra strong non-stick coating and the special structure and oil-doing design at the bottom of the baking tray can drain the excess oil stains in time, which almost eliminates smearing and oil smoke in the barbecue.
Make your barbecue process more convenient and enjoyable.
-The integrated environmentally friendly aluminum disc body is durable and environmentally friendly aluminum that is healthier.
5-layer thick Maifan stone coating has a good non-stick effect and is more healthy.
The universal design of feet four-way pot rack can be used for standard gas stoves.
-This grill plate can be placed on gas stoves and cassette stoves
-Lightweight -Easy to carry.
Very affordable and easy to clean for long lasting care and use.
- Suitable for outdoor camping picnics, Korean restaurants, family barbecues, etc.

Please note:
During use and cleaning, do not scrape the surface with metal or sharp objects,
because the anti-sticking effect is very good, you can clean it with a light wipe. After using,
allow the baking tray to cool naturally and then wash with water to extend the service life of the baking tray.