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DQ311 isn't just a camping lantern; it's a multifunctional marvel. With its unique extendable lighting blades, you control the ambiance. Dial in your desired brightness, from subtle 30 to a radiant 720 lumens. Whether you're outdoors, crafting, vlogging, or facing an emergency, its power bank ensures you're always charged up and ready.

Lantern, LED & Flashlight: Powered by superior COB+3030 chip LED technology, this device delivers adjustable luminosity, ranging from a soft 30 to a blazing 720 lumens. With its versatile color temperature range from 1800K to 7000K, it seamlessly suits both your adventurous outdoor trips and cozy home settings.
Power Bank: Equipped with a 10,000mAh battery, it can charge an iPhone 15 about three times, making it a traveler's essential.  Red Light: Perfect for nighttime and emergencies, this mode ensures visibility without compromising night vision.
Emergency Red Warning Flash: Signal distress or alert others with this attention-grabbing rhythmic red flash.
Brightness Dial Control: Easily adjust from a subtle 30 lumens glow to a dazzling 720 lumens with this intuitive dial.
Flashlight Mode: Navigate the dark confidently with this focused beam, essential for nighttime journeys.


LED Type: Featuring the COB 3030 Chip, our device boasts cutting-edge technology for uniform and efficient lighting.
Brightness: With a versatile range, adjust from a gentle 30 lumens for ambient settings up to a powerful 720 lumens for clear, detailed visibility.
Color Temperature: Personalize your lighting experience, choosing from a warm, cozy 1800K up to a bright, crisp 7000K, accommodating various atmospheres and moods.


Charging Port: Uses a modern USB-C port for rapid and convenient charging.
Battery: With a robust 10000mAh capacity, it offers nearly three times the charge of an iPhone 15, which has a 3349mAh battery.
Charge Time: From zero to fully charged in a mere 2 hours.
Runtime: Stay illuminated for roughly 6 hours in high-brightness mode or go long with up to 24 hours in the low-brightness setting.
Standby Time: Maintains charge for up to 180 days.