Nebo MYCRO 250 (2 pack)

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10.000 KWD

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Unleash the power of versatility with the NEBO MYCRO® series headlamps. Our MYCRO 250 headlamp is a pocket-sized game-changer, blending unmatchable lightweight convenience with superior rechargeability. Effortlessly converting into a cap light, it's your perfect trail running companion or inspection tool. Enjoy the luxury of 3 light modes and a unique tilt feature, allowing precision light control without disturbing others. Smart Power Control™ ensures smooth light transitions, conserving battery life. Starts at the lowest lumen level with our Direct-to-Low Startup, adapting to your surroundings while optimizing energy consumption. 


High (250 lumens): 1 hours / 71 yards

Medium (50 lumens): 2 hours / 30 yards

Low (15 lumens): 5 hours / 16 yards


• Body Color: Gray

• 250 Lumen (Max)

• 3 Light Modes

• LED Color: White

• 135º Tilt Rotation

• Cap Light Convertible

• IP44 Water-resistant

• USB-C Rechargeable

• 200mAh Li-ion Battery (3.7V)

• Recharge Time: ~3 hours (0.5A)

• Smart Power Control (SPC)

• Direct-to-Low Startup

• Durable ABS Construction

• Bright white 6000K-7000K color temperature


Input: 1x USB-C 5vDC @ 0.5A (Max)

Recharge Times: ~3 hours (0.5A), depending on output of USB


  • Weight: 0.1 lb.
  • Length: 1.69"
  • Height: 2.17"
  • Width: 1.26"


• Included:

2x Mycro 250 Headlamps

2x Adjustable Head Straps

2x Cap Light Clips

1x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable